Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Introduction

Greetings everyone. Allow me to introduce myself . I am the note. You may be wondering why I call myself the note.  Well to make things a bit more clear, the note was created by little inserts of daily happenings, expressions, feelings that I have endured through this thing called life. Often we find ourselves feeling mentally seperated from the rest of the world. Feeling sometimes too embarrassed to share with our friends and families .  Too proud to share with our colleagues. Too angry to say alloud. And too modest to say "I did that!!!".  The cool thing about all of this is that when I began realizing that this writing thing was starting to help me mentally
As well as emotionally, I immediately reached out to my fiancé who came up with this brilliant idea. But before i go into the idea, allow me to share more about my fiancé'. She's absolutely incredible. Have you ever met someone who is just like you? I
Mean, walks like you, talks like you, has the same ambitions as you, loves like you, cares like you? Need I say more? Well that's exactly what I have. Enuff with all of this Lovey Dovey stuff.  So my fiancé says, " you're very inspiring, and motivating, and we both have so many views on so many different topics. Why don't we start blogging about it?" I was like Taa Daa!!! That's it!!! I love it!!! Let's get started right away . There's sooo many things that the two us is have done and been through in our lives that I'm sure our readers could relate to. So getting right to the point, we want our readers to just get it out. Tell us what you're feeling. Allow our situations and experiences be of somewhat motivation for you the reader. We are walking through this walk together. Will it always be an easy road? Of course not. Let's be realistic about it.  Anywho, I'm very excited about entering this new world of blogging . So without further ado, let the blogs begin.....

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